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This is how you master crises in your company

Prevention is everything! I prepare you and your leadersreliable

and structured for potential crises and emergencies.

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How to bring your industrial company up to the highest security level in the shortest possible time, without hiring an external security service or pay numerous consultants.

As an entrepreneur, you are probably also accompanied by constant fear of the future or your entrepreneurial risk. Inflation does the rest and your existence is at stake every day. According to a Study by PwC almost 30% of all companies have hardly dealt with corporate security at all. Small and medium-sized companies are mainly affected here.

The consequences of this are obvious: your company is not prepared for crises and emergencies, thefts within the company are increasing and you are vulnerable to industrial espionage. Sooner or later it will be poison for your company and your fear of failure will come true. Even careless security gaps can lead to delivery bottlenecks and after a short time to your insolvency.

With a little discipline and perseverance, an internal security concept can be built up that works by itself over time.

How does that sound to you?


In the long run you will be able to say “Farewell” to all your fears about the future and you will be spared annoying production interruptions and slumps in sales.

Let's make your company safe together.

I offer you:

  • Secure corporate properties

  • Security on business trips

  • Protection against terrorism 

  • Professional communication in crises

  • Assertiveness and de-escalation skills

  • Insider knowledge of private security service providers

  • Security against industrial espionage 

  • Safe handling of emergencies and crises!


I develop a holistic concept that is tailored to your company. Because of my multifaceted education and my field experience, I am the best man to make your business safe.


Even after our joint cooperation, I will continue to support you in all security issues until YOU feel 100% safe.

Tel.: +49 (0) 621 / 877 533 36

Your benefits of my training:

Exclusive self-empowerment

You will learn how to deal with emergencies and crises yourself without being dependent on external service providers. Large corporations and DAX companies employ an army of security experts. You wouldn't do this if it wasn't necessary.

With my training, you too can protect your company with the methods of large corporations.

No disclosure of company secrets

You learn to recognize which intellectual propertyessential for the survival of your companywhat dangers there are in the information space and how to protect yourself against them. Without passing on this data to our consultants and partners.

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Sustainable crisis competence

I won't drop by, I'll work out an emergency plan for you and then leave you alone with it.


Through my permanent support, you develop yourselfown expertise, theon your companytailor-madeis.


​Security is not an off-the-shelf product and cannot be created by half-hearted standard measures.

Every company needs a handmade solution for the individual case.

We advise you competently in all questions of security and find the solution that is perfect for YOU.

Alexander Lukas

Alexander Lukas

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Free initial consultation

We offer you a free initial consultation. 

After your application, an appointment for a zoom call will be made with you by telephone. In this we analyze your situation and explain how ISMT can help you. We explain how ISMT works and which methods we use. 

In this appointment you will already get many valuable answers to your security questions.

Furthermore, we clarify in the conversation whether you are generally suitable for a cooperation. We only work with clients who want to take responsibility themselves and are also able to implement the knowledge they have learned.

Your application will usually be processed within 1-2 working days


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